The loving, making, sharing, working we do together.

How to do family, not just have a family. 

Mother and Baby on Floor
Image by Matt Heaton
Image by Juliane Liebermann
Father and Daughter Cooking
Father Playing with Daughters
Image by Jordan Whitt
Doing the Dishes
Supermarket Trip
Lunch at Home

September interrupted

I love September, not just because it’s my birth month, but because the weather starts to change where I live and the temperature outside...

Back to School Tips

August is back to school season in Kentucky and I wanted to share what our family does to get ready for the big changes that happen at...

Simple Birthdays

Our family has entered what we affectionately call “birthday season”. From the beginning of August until the end of December we have a...

Road Trip Tips

Summer is almost here and for our family that usually means a road trip or two. I want to share my tips and tricks for traveling with...


Moving from one thing to another either slowly or suddenly is a good chance to move things out of your life or into it. I have been...

Yours, Mine, and Ours

Sharing a room with a sibling, or two, can work and be more or less peaceful. I have found that the most important thing is to establish...

Spring break fun at home

My kids’ spring break from school is coming up and I wanted to share my tips for a school break when you plan to stay home. Manage...

On points system

I talked before about our family point system so let me show you how that works and what it looks like. Everyone in the family has jobs...

Keeping it clean

What is worse than cleaning the house? Cleaning the house by yourself. What is worse than doing laundry? Doing the laundry by yourself....

Creating Systems: the family calendar

My calendar system, or lack thereof, used to be a mess. I had a paper calendar on my fridge at home with pens in different colors for...

Let me introduce the fam

I started this website because I want to help you learn how to do family but I also want to chronicle the journey my family has been on...

Hello and Welcome

I have created this website and blog to share with you how my family changed from being a family to doing family. My family includes my...


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