The books that help me do family. 


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Clutter, in all it’s forms, is what will keep you from enjoying your family the most. Instead of seeing our family, we see all of our stuff and then think about it. We think about cleaning it, or organizing it, or throwing it away. After we “tidy up” we can see our family again, and enjoy the time we get to spend with them. Marie Kondo will walk you through the process step by step in her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”


Simplicity Parenting

While Marie Kondo’s book works for your whole house, “Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross will help you specifically with all your kids’ stuff. This book dives deep into the “why” of simplifying and covers not only your children’s stuff but also their schedule, their food, and their sleep. I highly recommend this book to all parents who love their kids.


Goodbye Things

This is a great read when you need some more ideas about what to get rid of so you can do family. One of the features of this book that I like is an extensive list of things to get rid of now. It serves as a reminder of quick wins to get back on track if stuff is starting to pile up again after an initial purge. 


The 7 Habits

Truly a life changing book. Stephen Covey teaches us how to change our character, not just our behaviors, to become highly effective. I know a lot of businesses recommend or require this as reading for their organization and I agree that it will improve the most important organization in your life, your family.


The 7 Habits for Teens

Written by Stephen Covey’s son, Sean Covey, this is geared towards the teens in your life. This is all the good stuff from the “adult” version but written so it has examples that teens can relate too and understand.


The 7 Habits for Kids

I love this book for getting a general feel for the 7 Habits. I have been known to read an applicable chapter out loud when my kids aren’t following the habits! Wonderful picture book with a parent’s page after each chapter with thought provoking questions to ask. Our elementary school uses this book and accompanying school program (Leader in Me) with great success in the classroom.


You Need A Budget

One great benefit of simplifying your life is having the time to do the fun things with your family now. Jesse Mecham shows you how to use his four rules of budgeting to stop stressing about money, no matter how little or how much you make. Our family has paid off school loan debt we had for years and now we can start saving for Christmas in January. Bills piling up is clutter and stress in a handbag. YNAB helps you get rid of both.


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