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Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Moving from one thing to another either slowly or suddenly is a good chance to move things out of your life or into it.

I have been thinking about transitions lately. I normally move the winter clothes out of our closets this time of year and move the summer clothes into them. I put the winter hats, gloves, and scarfs away and get out summer hats, garden gloves, sunscreen and bug repellent. Ours beds get a little lighter as well with the heavy duvet getting put away and a light quilt taking it’s place. Spring is a gradual change where I live and these transitions can happen slowly.

Some transitions happen suddenly though and we had one in our family a couple of weeks ago. Boy15 got his braces off after two years and a bit! This change means that now he can have his beloved gummy worms but also that we no longer need all the little things that go with braces anymore. We can get rid of the wax, the special flossers, and the little pick things that get food out of braces. It felt really good to simplify the dental drawer in the bathroom.

Another gradual change has been going on with girl3 and potty training. I like to take a gradual approach to potty training which means we haven’t used diapers in awhile before I realize that I changed my last one long ago. This also means that we end up with half a bag of pull ups because little girl decided she could sleep in underwear. The gradual change happening right now is moving away from the potty seat and her being able to handle the normal size potty with a stool. Sometimes she wants the seat and sometimes she doesn’t. This change happens gradually.

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