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On points system

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

I talked before about our family point system so let me show you how that works and what it looks like. Everyone in the family has jobs they have to do everyday and if they do these jobs they get a point. When you have 100 points you get a treat just for you from the store. The treat started out as your own pack of Oreos but now can be any pack of cookies, a pint of ice cream, or a 2 liter of soda.

The three oldest have five jobs they are supposed to do everyday. One is the room they are assigned, one for their farm job, one for school work, one for a clean bedroom, and one for playing the piano. Boy(7) doesn’t play the piano yet so he only has four jobs. Girl(3) has three jobs: clean up her toys, clean bedroom, and no potty accidents. Mom and dad each get point for having a clean bedroom and cleaning their assigned room. Anyone can get an extra point for vacuuming a bedroom.

When extra stuff needs to get done I “pay” the kids with points. If someone will not be at home they have to find a substitute to do their jobs for them. If someone is sick we all pull together to do their jobs for them. If the job is done then the person who owns the job gets a point but the person who helped also gets a point.

We frequently talk about how everyone has to work together to keep our family running smoothly; about how mom and dad need their help so we have time for fun together. Every night at 8:30 we mark points. Usually one of the kids asks everyone how they did today. No one checks that it got done, we trust everyone to be honest. Once a week I add up the points and record everyone’s total. I made the page using Excel, printed it out and slipped it inside a page protecter. I used magnetic tape on the back so we could put it on the fridge. We use dry erase markers to mark the points.


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