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Christmas Presents

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

As minimalists we try to limit the amount of stuff that comes into our home so for Christmas this year my husband and I decided we wanted to give family activities/experiences to the kids. We decided on eleven different things we wanted to do, about one a month, with the kids and purchased gift cards to the places we could and made sure to budget for everything else. We started off by making a list of fun things to do that we don’t often do because of time or expense and whittled it down to eleven things.

Our list:

  1. Pizza and arcade

  2. Indoor trampoline park

  3. Water park

  4. A picnic at a massive park (includes a surprise we are waiting to see if it works out)

  5. The Zoo

  6. Bowling

  7. Roller Skating

  8. Go Kart track

  9. Art Museum

  10. My Old Kentucky Home

  11. Mammoth Cave (includes cave tour and camping)

We tried to get a mix of activities we could do on a Friday night and some longer ones that would take a Saturday. Right after Christmas we put all of these on our family calendar along with everything else we know about (school dates, camps, conferences, etc.). The kids are super excited! After each activity we plan to write about it as a family and share each of our favorite parts about the day so we can remember what we did. We printed out photos of each place and wrapped the photos and gift cards that we were able to get. I told my husband I felt like I was wrapping empty boxes and he said, you are wrapping promises. How true. We gave our kids the promise of family fun all year long.

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