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Summer Schedule

I believe that kids do best when they know what is coming up next for them. During the school year that comes rather naturally but summertime is usually a bit more relaxed. This can be good and bad. Good because kids need time to play and be kids, but bad when they feel they don't know what is coming next. I created a summer schedule that we have used for several years now that has a good balance of free time and structure.

8:00 - wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day. Sometimes some of the kids are up by this time but this is when I gently get them up. Breakfast is usually whatever they want with the usual being hot or cold cereal, eggs, or toast. Curtis or I will occasionally make breakfast but that's mainly on the weekends.

9:00-Noon - outside time. I'm not picky about what they do outside but I do encourage them to be outside the entire time. We have chairs and a table outside so they can read, draw, or craft. We also have a playset with swings and a slide, a trampoline, and everyone has a bike to ride. Girl4 really likes to play in water so I have a shallow container for her to fill with water and play with her figurines in there.

At noon we have lunch. Sometimes the kids want to take lunch outside and we have a tray to make that easy. Other times they want to eat in the cool of the house. We usually have various fruit and vegetables cut up, meat and cheese, or ramen noodles for lunch. The kids can have what they want but must clean up everything they get out. After lunch each of the kids has to pick up 100 things around the house, starting with their rooms. I don't require them to clean their rooms at night so this is how I get them somewhat clean. One hundred things might sound like a lot but sometimes it just puts a dent in the Lego and doll accessories. I like this better than constantly fussing about a clean room. Sometimes their room bothers them and they clean it, sometimes they don't seem to care.

1:00-3:00 - screen time. They can watch a movie or show together, get on a tablet, or play on our Switch.

3:00-dinner - read, play piano, play inside or outside. They can do anything but be on a screen.

After dinner - clean up hour. This is where everyone cleans up their assigned room first, then helps others, then does their bedroom for 60 minutes. When the hour is up the cleaning is done.

After clean-up hour 8:00 - flexible time. Sometimes we watch a show or movie together or play a game. Sometimes everyone does their own thing.

8:00-9:00 - get ready for bed. Brush teeth, brush hair, shower, change clothes. We also study from the scriptures and pray together before we go to our rooms.

Everyone is mostly in bed at nine. They can read in bed or listen to an audiobook with a sleep timer.

Do you have a summer schedule? Are your kids involved in activities this summer?

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